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11/04/2018 - 8:00 / 12/04/2018 - 13:00


Loggia dei Mercanti

Ancona – Italy  11- 12 april 2018


What is a Cleanroom? How can it be used for?

    The reply to this question, leads to a very interesting topic from the point of view of occupation for all companies…. Nevertheless it is very difficult to hear something about cleanrooms.

The event, promoted by AIT (Adriatic Insitute of Technology) and  ITACA  (Italian Technology and Cleanroom Association) has also be approved by the “Regione Marche” and by the Chamber of Commerce Union  in the Regione Marche as it is focused on the explanation of how the Cleanroom technology can be useful  in the production of items which must be produced or treated “in controlled environment” in various fields: medical, pharmaceutical, food,  industry and services.  Many countries in  Northern Europe have already started using these technologies  and management of Cleanrooms is still recognised as a highly specialised job

This first event aims at introducing to a very interesting opportunity and will be the beginning of a route to be developed inside the ITACA Association which will be  a big “container”  of the various entrepreneurship realities and professional experiences of men and companies which will work together and share their know how on the territory of Center Italy



11 th April 2018


8.00 Welcome and introduction

Gernod Dittel ( AIT President –  Adriatic Institute of Technology)

Matteo Filippi (AIT CEO  –  Adriatic Institute of Technology)


08:30 Dr. Antonio Mastrovincenzo (President of the Regional Council of  Regione Marche)

9.00 Technology: Quo Vadis?

Gernod Dittel (Adriatic Institute of Technology; I – Ancona)


 9.45 Technologies

Design & Construction of  cleanrooms

Florian Dittel (DITTEL Engineering; D -Schlehdorf)


10:30 Coffee Break


11:00 Technical System for Construction

Andreas Maul (Vitec GmbH; D – Hof / Saale)


11:45  GMP Compliance and Certification  BoS in  Pharma

Kerstin Geiß (DITTEL Engineering; D – Schlehdorf)


12:30 Lunchtime – Knowledge sharing



13.30 Sparticle filtration technology

Marc Schmidt (AAF International; D – Riedstadt)


14:15 Measurement equipments  

Jürgen Blattner (BSR; D – Oberhausen Rheinhausen)


15:00 Coffee Break


15:30 Monitoring and Safety

Thomas Christen (VAL SYS Gmbh; CH – Wetzikon


16:15 SHELLBE – The new way of  Cleanroom  laboratory and Hospital Technology

Matteo Filippi (Adriatic Institute of Technology; I – Ancona)


17:00 Conclusions e knowledge sharing



12 th April 2018


08:55 Introduction


09.00 Sterilization

Robert Gfrerer – Ortner Group AT; A – Villach


09:45 Microbiology

Thomas Meindl Laboratory L+S AG; GER – Bad Bocklet


10:30 Coffee Break


11:00 Cleaning, Training and behaviour in cleanroom

Frank Duvenell (Profi-con GmbH; D – Leipzig)


11:45 Clothing

Jörg Mesenich (Decontam International; D – Bad Winsheim)


12:30 Final discussion and  knowledge sharing


13:30 Greetings and End of Symposium




Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel e Dr.Ing. Matteo Filippi (Adriatic Institute of Technology Spa, Ancona, Italy)

MBA-Dipl.Ing. Florian Dittel e Mrs. Kerstin Geiß (DITTEL Engineering, Schlehdorf, Germany)

Dipl.Ing. Andreas Maul (Vitec GmbH, Hof / Saale, Germany)

Dr.Ing. Marc Schmidt (AAF International, Riedstadt, Germany)

Dr.Ing. Jürgen Blattner (BSR, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, Germany)

Mr. Thomas Christen (VAL SYS Gmbh, Wetzikon, Switzerland)

Dr.Ing. Robert Gfrerer (Ortner Group AT, Villach, Austria)

Dr. Thomas Meindl (Laboratory L+S AG, Bad Bocklet, Germany)

Mr. Frank Duvenell (Profi-con GmbH, Leipzig, Germany)

Mr. Jörg Mesenich (Decontam International, Bad Winsheim, Germany)

For registration, accomodation , transfer service, social dinner, please send an e-mail to  or call the number  +39 07155165




Via S. Martino, 25 – 60122 – Ancona – IT

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Fax: +39 07155451


11/04/2018 - 8:00
12/04/2018 - 13:00


Loggia dei Mercanti – Ancona
Via della Loggia
Ancona, 60121
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